What are the Different Types of Cylinder Locks

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What are the Different Types of Cylinder Locks

There are many types and varieties in the locks which we use or see in our daily life. We should know about all the types before buying them. It will help us to get the best one which can fulfill our needs. Therefore, you should know about the types and subtypes of locks, including the types of cylinder locks.

Pad Locks
We use padlocks to lock the door from outside, but they are getting old now. They have different sizes for different purposes. Their keys are also different in shape, but now everyone wants a simple and secure lock, so manufacturers provide a number dial to keep them functional and modern. They also have rekeyable and non-rekeyable types for different purposes.

Deadbolts are mainly designed for external locks because they have more options than a regular padlock, which is why they are more secure and valuable than padlocks. You could get stuck in your home if you lost the key to this type of lock. However, you still have an option to call a nearby residential locksmith in Forest Park.

Cylinder Locks
If you’re dividing the locks into categories, you can not ignore the different types of cylinders they use. There is a long list of it: rim, key in the knob, mortise, key in the lever, and deadbolt is also included in this category. The terms core and plug are also used for cylinders.

Rim Cylinders
Generally, we use these cylinders in existing devices. It has a plug attached to the cylinder and has a long tailpiece on its end. You need to order a rim cylinder 90 % of the time if you have an exit with key access from the outside. However, many other types of trim do not use rim cylinders. Rim cylinders are also available in interchangeable core designs.

Mortise Cylinders
They look similar to the rim cylinders, but they do not have any tailpiece at their end. These types of cylinders are roundly threaded that screw into the lock body. You may need to install spacers with the lock to make the cylinder flush which depends on the depth of the cylinder. They are also available in interchangeable core and keyway formats. You can rekey them by getting a service from a rekey lock in Forest Park.

Lever Cylinder or Key in Knob
A lever cylinder or a key in the knob cylinder is a regular cylinder that you see on the lever set or a knob lock. Manufacturers use this cylinder to hold the whole portion of the lock into which you insert the key to open a lock.

If you remove the cylinder, then you can see a standard keyway cylinder. This standard keyway cylinder may be a bit shorter or larger. The end of the lock may also be different from the end, depending on the lock’s brand.

The depth of the cylinder depends on the lever’s depth. The interchangeable cores of the levers and knobs are made differently from each other, and they will not accept the standard cylinders.

Deadbolt Cylinders
There is another type of cylinder that most of us use every day when heading out to the doors. A key rotates the cylinders to reach the deadbolt from the outside of the door. You can operate the inside of a deadbolt with your thumb or a key. It depends on the type of cylinder that you order.

Profile Cylinders
Profile locks are not commonly used in the United States, but they are frequently used in Europe. They have two types, one of them has an oval shape, and the other has a teardrop shape. It has a cam in the middle, which can operate on both sides of the lock.

Wall Mounted Locks
You can only mount these types of locks on the wall. They have a most common type, which is the Knox-box or a fireman’s box.

You can quickly find this type of lock in the emergency area of the buildings. Some other types of locks you should know about

Door Latch
It is a mechanism that connects a door with the door frame; its name is door latch. There is a hole in the frame where the latch fits and connects the door with it. You can also attach a catch on the outside, but you should use a key for this purpose.

Euro Profile
They are the most potent type of door locks with a metal that connects both sides of the lock. Therefore, you can use only one side of the lock at a time. These locks have wider keyholes than other types of locks.

Night Latch
Manufacturers make a night latch door to fit into the door because it can only mount on the surface of a door. On the other hand, they make rim cylinders to fit onto the outer side of the door.

Sash Lock
Sach locks have a built-in sprung latch that is non-locking. It also has a deadbolt lock with it that locks the door after turning the key. The door will remain closed while unlocked, but you can lock it with a key for security reasons.

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