How to Remove Wasps From Your Property

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How to Remove Wasps From Your Property

Often wasps don’t interact with people. However, if they are provoked, then they can sting. The sting of a wasp can be threatening to people with allergies and painful to everyone. If you are experiencing a wasp issue, here is how you can keep them away from your property. Before we delve deep, let’s find out what wasps are.

What are Wasps
Wasps aren’t bees and generally, they have slenderer, and longer bodies. They usually feed on insects like caterpillars, flies, and spiders. They have six legs, an exoskeleton, two antennae, two wings, and their body is divided into 3 main parts: head, abdomen, and thorax.

What Attracts Wasps
The three main elements that attract wasps to make your property their sweet dwelling include:

  • Perfect nesting spots like gutters, soffits, and eaves.
  • Food sources like pet food bowls, garbage bags, a lot of spiders or insects, or out eating places with sticky spills or crumbs.
  • Sweet and nectar-filled plants and flowers.

Whether you want to make these winged pests packing, or are allergic to their sting, below are some great tips to assist you to eliminate the wasps both outdoors and indoors.

Tips to Remove Wasps From your House
Wasps in your home can be a big issue. So, here is how you can get rid of these wasps:

Check All the Entry Points
Unless you leave the windows and doors open with no screen, wasps will most probably enter your house via a small gap as well. If you have seen a wasp in your house, examine the mortar between the bricks, your eaves, the supports and beams in your garage, and places around your vents. Wasps generally build their nest in such areas and can exploit even a small crack to come into your house. Once you locate their entry point, seal all gaps and crack using silicone caulk.

Use a Wasp Spray
Wasp sprays can kill wasps instantly. Still, you should be careful when using this spray indoors. Though insecticides are an effective option, they contain chemicals that are dangerous for pets, children, and humans.

Try Home Remedies
If you want a natural method to eliminate the wasps in your home, there are many home remedies out there. Using vinegar is a great way. To make a homemade, natural wasp repellent, you need to mix two cups sugar, two cups apple cider vinegar, and a cup of water. Stir this mixture well and put it near the wasp nest. It can attract the wasps and kill them.

Call The Experts
Handling an indoor wasp issue can be time-consuming and dangerous. If the wasp issue is big, call a pest control Melbourne company to help you. They can remove the wasps and assist you to reclaim a wasp-free and safe home.

Tips to Remove Wasps From your Yard
If you’ve noticed wasps in your yard, follow the tips below to remove them:

Use Water and Soap
If you don’t want to use a store-bought insecticide, you can deal with small wasp nests using water and soap mixture. Mix two spoons of dish wash soap in a spray bottle along with water. Then spray this solution to the wasp nests. This solution will block the breathing pores of the wasps and instantly kill them.

Hang Wasp Traps
A wasp trap is the most efficient and common way to remove wasps from your yard. The trap contains a liquid that can attract wasps. Once the wasp comes in the trap, they will get stuck. Are these traps are efficient, they collect dead wasps. This can be hard to look at.

Treat Potential Nesting Areas
Other than spraying the current nests, ensure to treat the potential nesting areas as well. Buy residual insecticides from local hardware or home store and spray the solution in the places where you find wasps nesting like your pool, patio, wood fence, deck, and playset.

Kill Emerging Wasps
Readymade wasp sprays can be good. For removing individual wasps. You can spray the solution as you see a wasp. Also, ensure to follow every direction mentioned on the insecticide that you purchase.

Call the Experts
Removing large exterior wasp colonies is nearly impossible to do yourself. For quick, professional, and assured results, you should contact wasp control Melbourne experts. They will work hard and efficiently to remove the current wasps and also take the required steps to avoid new colonies from developing. That is why calling the experts will be in your best interest.

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