The office collection custom jewelry packaging

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The office collection custom jewelry packaging

I experienced the brilliant comeback of my favorite brand that relaunched and re-packaged its jewelry items in beautiful custom jewelry packaging. My mother, who had been a working lady all her life, always suggested this heritage brand when we sought nine-to-five jewelry items. We are three sisters and all of us have a special association with this brand ever since our mother passed away. Just holding on to the premium wood-carved custom jewelry boxes from this brand somehow soothes her aching heart and brings us closer to our mother. But for a few years, this brand had shifted to plastic-based packaging. It did not settle well with me or my sisters. Although the quality of the jewelry items never went down, we were not happy with the packaging. My aunt, who is a green consumer stopped buying as she could not associate with the new custom jewelry packaging at all.

The news about relaunching and re-packaging of custom jewelry boxes was published in almost all the latest magazines. They advertised everywhere, online and offline. Upon reading this in my subscribed lifestyle e-magazine, I immediately called up my sisters. They seemed excited about the new packaging as well. We met at our aunt’s place on a Saturday. We convinced her to come with us as well for old times' sake. As all of us made our way to their retail stores, a smiling customer rep greeted us at the counter. Her name was Jessica and she was more than glad to serve us. Before any of us could even utter a word more than hello, my aunt bombarded her with questions. She wanted to know if the brand had read the several complaints; she had registered with their customer services department. She wanted to know if they were still using plastic-based custom jewelry packaging boxes.

Yes Mam
Thankfully Jessica answered both questions with a “Yes Mam”. They delighted my aunt to find out that the customized jewelry packaging this heritage brand was offering now was made from cardboard-based stocks. As my aunt described the old wooden boxes to her, she excused herself for a minute and left to get something from the shelf. As she returned, she held the same signature customized jewelry packaging in her hands. All of us were extremely happy to look at this custom box in her hand. As I took it in my hand, it did not seem as heavy as the one my mother used to have. But it looked the same. I shared the same with Jessica, who laughed and replied, “Yes, because it is made from cardboard and not original wood”. The company wanted to switch to biodegradable custom jewelry boxes for business. These boxes will help curb litter.

Custom rigid boxes in the packaging and retail
These boxes are now called custom rigid boxes in the packaging and retail industry. We all shopped for a jewelry item that we could wear to the office easily. I opted for zircon earrings. These floral-shaped small studs could easily be worn with formal and casual attires. They would go perfectly with the monochrome jumpsuits that I wear every Saturday for the shoot with models at my workplace. My field of work involved interacting with the fashion industry. Natasha, my sister, who ran her own business of antique items, opted for a beautiful gold-plated chain. It was minimal but stylish. Serena, my lawyer sister, brought studs for herself. We all brought a pretty pendant for our aunt. Each of us got our jewelry items packed in custom rigid packaging.

We were so happy with the quality of the items and the re-packaging of our favorite brand. We left the retail outlet as happy customers. Came back and called up our friends and relative to share our wonderful shopping experience with them. If you are a jewelry brand seeking custom jewelry packaging options get in touch with ClipnBox.

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