All about BMW iX electric SUV

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All about BMW iX electric SUV

What's all the tech about
This radical new iX EV SUV will be the brand technology flagship' when it makes its foray into overseas markets next year. This five-seater SUV will make around 500bhp from two electric motors that send power to all four wheels. Expect the SUV to sprint from 0-100kph in under 5 seconds, with a range of 600+ km.

This is the company's second fully-electric production model after the i3. BMW states this new car's positioning at the higher end of the electric I line-up and is basically showcasing technology. It's somewhat similar to the X5 in terms of dimensions when its cabin is nearly at par with the luxurious X7's. And carbon fiber is used in the making of its electric platform.

The chassis
The iX employs a new aluminum spaceframe that supports an inner carbon fiber reinforced plastic structure with a body built from a blend of aluminum, composite plastic, and CFRP. This platform is compatible with the CLAR platform. Sharing this chassis tech, BMW cars will be able to make the iX alongside the 5, 6, 7, and 8 Series.

Let's talk design
The styling of this SUV is inspired by the iNext, with that huge blanked-off grille, those huge flanks, the frameless doors, the tapered glasshouse, and the B-pillars. This one isn't going to need a radiator, so the massive kidney grille incorporates cameras radar sensors for driver assistance systems.

The iX also features a fixed clamshell-style bonnet, while the windscreen washer bottle can be accessed through the BMW logo on top of the grille. Gone is the corona light treatment and in comes a quartet of light bands in the upper half of the slender headlights. It gets full LED lights, while buyers will be able to opt for Laser lights as well.

The variants
The iX will be available in standard and M Sport trims. The wheel arches are big enough to accommodate 22-inch aerodynamically optimized rims shod with 275.40 profile tyres. It will come with a four-wheel-drive twin motor version as well. It will employ two electric motors with the rear one being the more powerful one.

Power is channeled to all four wheels and is expected to come with a rear bias. Expect a top speed of 200kph, and this SUV will be offered various battery options with a 100kWh plus unit offered on the top-of-the-line model. It has a claimed average power consumption of 21.0kWh per 100kms and will be able to travel a range of 600kms. This SUV is quite portly, despite there being aluminum and carbon fiber used.

On the inside
The cabin is very spacious and it has a flat floor. Recycled plastics have been used, like microfibre fabric for the seats. At the front, it features a hexagonal multi-function steering along with the instrument cluster and infotainment functions packed together in a sloping digital display panel that continues onto the dashboard on a plastic mount, featuring a new head-up display.

The competition
When it goes on sale, it will take on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz EQC.

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