Role Of Government Concerning Business In Pandemics 2021

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Role Of Government Concerning Business In Pandemics 2021

The first link provided "Federalism" briefly explains what federalism is. Two government levels control the same territory; furthermore, it outlines the importance of federalism and briefly explains "dual sovereignty", supportive articles through constitutions were also provided and briefly explained.

One Virus, Two Americas
The second link provided "One Virus, Two Americas" shortly tries to explain the spread of coronavirus within the U.S and how due to federal system every state has had to form its strategies to deal with the virus, the conditions that believed in science and were more technology-oriented were able to minimize the effects of coronavirus. In contrast, the states the other states that paid less or no attention to medical advises paid the price and a steep rise in the cases of coronavirus was observed; moreover, it briefly explained how health care system fell under the federal government and how it needs to improve if other such situations arise again.

Texas unemployment
The third link provided "Texas unemployment rate rises to 8.3% in September, seven months into economic recession" briefly covers the impact of coronavirus on the unemployment rate of Texas and how it has been affected within the spread of coronavirus; furthermore, it provides evidence on the declining quality of coronavirus and covers the situation within the state.

Federalism is interlinked with health, economy, and unemployment in Texas, as the health system comes under the federal government, so does Texas's ability to fight off the virus. Texas has been a state where the number of cases of coronavirus witnessed has been high with health system falling under federalism; little measures were taken to slow the spread of this virus down which not only affected the lives of many but also harmed the economy as people slowly lost their jobs, businesses were shut down thus the unemployment rate increased as much as up to 13%. In cases such as these, a uniform body of rules would have been better at containing the virus than states having their strategies to deal with such issues.

Governmental Control Of Law-Making
State and local governments, on the other hand, do have absolute control in law-making; however the final responsibility lies on the federal government described in the supremacy clause, so to effectively handle the situation, the state and local governments do need approval from the federal government in generalizing the law as well as arranging supplies to health care centres.

The federal government should provide aid to states in situations like these on the numbers of cases witnessed and recorded to meet the demand of every state accordingly with high supply to states that show the most numbers and moderate reserve to those who display relatively less number, however, these should be a unified body for situations like these and disease control centres to prevent problems like these from arising.

Final Thought
Based on the blog this topic has a direct connection and is highly relevant to the study of government, as pandemics like these usually are noticed at a countrywide level to deal with countries have to take drastic measures this course in detail outlines the importance and educates us about the status of power different government institutions hold, however, in the case of the coronavirus federal government has a been a key player, as we have explained the details of how under the American national system of government the distribution of power from the state to local and how one supersedes the other in law-making which makes this topic directly related to the course as the responsibility in the case of Texas fell under the federal government.

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