Custom Rigid Boxes Setting Brand Logo and Typography

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Custom Rigid Boxes Setting Brand Logo and Typography

If the structural design can create images that appeal to the consumer’s emotions, graphics design – the visuals that decorate the custom rigid boxes has an even greater opportunity to encourage the consumers into buying your product. To do so, the graphics of your packaging boxes must be based on a distinct positioning strategy for the product. Also, the brands need to project this strategy in the most forceful and comprehensible manner. Graphics of the custom rigid box packaging includes layout, color combinations, typography, and product photography. All of these design elements create the whole product and brand image.

The Packaging Republic believes that the opportunities to communicate product attributes through packaging graphics are almost limitless. The graphic design elements of packaging boxes are capable of communicating informative messages. Informative messages may include the following:

  • Brand identity
  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Flavor or variety identification
  • Attribute description
  • Product Benefits
  • Usage instructions
  • Nutritional elements (for food)
  • Warning or caution statements (for drugs and chemicals)
  • Size and contents

Beyond providing pure information, the emotional aspects of custom rigid box packaging graphics are more subliminal. They evolve from the styling and positioning of various graphic elements, including brand logos, symbols, icons, colors, textures, photography, and illustrations.

Brand logo on Custom Rigid Box Packaging
The brand name identifies your brand and product. It is responsible for creating memorability, building brand recognition and consumers’ trust and loyalty, and providing information. Therefore, uniquely styling the brand name is of primary importance to the current and future well-being of your product. A uniquely styled brand identity creates a recognizable signature. This makes recognition among consumers and enhances their familiarity with your products.

Your brand logo can take many forms and be printed on the custom rigid boxes wholesale in various ways. It can be printed in a unique typographic format or a uniquely styled configuration of the corporate initials. Your brand logo can also take the form of a symbol associated with the product or an abstract shape designed to achieve brand recall. A bold logo communicates strength, masculinity, and effectiveness. A cursive logo usually evokes a sense of elegance, lightness, femininity, and fashion. An angled or script logo creates an image of casualness, fun, movement, and entertainment.

Because the brand identity on the custom rigid boxes is so critical in communicating a positive image to the consumer, it is essential to tell your rigid box manufacturers in the USA to keep it as constant as possible. Whether the logo is a stylized name or a symbol, whether it identifies a single product or an extensive line of products, whether it is used as a master brand or a sub-brand, advise your rigid box manufacturers in the USA to maintain the logo style and proportions on all custom rigid boxes wholesale, regardless of packaging form, shape, and size.

How Typography can create impressions
Next in importance to brand identity on the packaging boxes are the verbal communication elements. Communication Elements are the words that appear on the packaging. These elements identify the product and its information. The verbal communication elements are essential because they are responsible for communicating specific information about the product and its attributes. Depending on the package size, this must often be accomplished within extremely limited confines of the label or package proportions. The graphic techniques used to display the words create a distinct impression. Typography is the study of how letterforms are used to create effects, from bold to elegant and from delicate to aggressive.

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