How To Make Free Animated Videos Online

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How To Make Free Animated Videos Online

Try free animation maker Video Lab! Add your video to the program and click on "edit".

With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you will see how your video is getting more and more fantastic.

Since Video Lab allows you to add background music you can add songs from YouTube as well.

Just type in the name of the song you want and be amazed at how perfectly your animated video fits together with it. Now just click on "Share" and send your creation to someone – or just save it on your PC!

You can also use other free online animation software, such as FlippingBook, DocuChimp, Free Sign Maker, or any other free animation maker. All these programs are easy to use and have powerful tools for adding effects, transitions, titles, text, music, etc. into a video.

The most popular choice to make a stop motion animated video is Stop Motion Pro. With this web app, many people create their own stop motion animations, including adults and children from all around the world.

Choose a template for your animated video:
You can choose from lots of ready-made templates that you can use for both kids and adult videos. Since these templates are interesting to watch for everyone, they guarantee that your video will be popular and shareable.

Choose the right background music:
It's important to have background music that will fit with your video but won't overshadow the animation. Most animations don't need a piece of background music though because they don't contain anything alive or moving so the backgrounds don't need extra attention contact SEO Services Glasgow.

Choose a song without lyrics so that it benefits even more from effects such as fading in or out the title of the song, text effects, or anything else you want to add into the animation.

Add text:
Ever wanted to let people know what was happening in one of your videos? This is the place to do it! Adding text to your video adds dynamics to it, making it all more interesting.

Animate and synchronize:
With your video completed, you can now start animating. It's just like the pictures in a book, when you turn the pages towards each other they stick together, and so it is with your animated video, when you start moving the text or objects around they stick together, which makes it look very real. Because of this effect only add text that will move but be sure to leave some space between them so that everything looks better on screen.

This animation creator is called "Animoto" and believe me it works great! Just create a new project and place the picture into there and then click on the little button "Create Video From Photo With Music". You'll get a nice music video for your picture that looks like a professional production.

Publish, share, and download your animated video:
Once you have your video created and ready to share with the world press "Share" and send it to a friend via email, Facebook, Tumblr, or YT. If preferred you can also upload your video to any video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

To make your animated video even more popular you can add a title or other text to your end credit. For example, put some text after the name of the person who created the animation so that they get recognized for their great work.

But of course, we aren't done yet! You can tweak and edit all kinds of things in Lightworks, such as color, transition effects, etc., but no matter how you do it, it will still be a very powerful tool for learning how to create an animated video.

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